Contact Bengt or Daniel to book a meeting with a complete brief of how your brand may benefit from using Stingfree.

Upgrading your current pouches to Stingfree varieties provides several key improvements:

  • Your products will have a unique feature to distinguish you from your many competitors. 
  • Your pouches become much more accessible to new consumers.
  • Your pouches get a distinct and customizable two color look.

You can design your nicotine pouch content in a whole new way when stinging is no longer a factor for your users:

  • Increase pH-levels to increase speed and efficiency of nicotine delivery
  • Make your product a taste sensation by maximizing the flavor intensity

father and son

Stingfree pouches are compatible with most types of oral nicotine products such as snus and All White/Modern Oral as well as with most types of nicotine pouch packaging machines.


Sting Free AB offers favorable licencing agreements that allow licence holders to manufacture and sell Stingfree products.

The added production cost is modest since typically no machine modifications are necessary and the shield material is very cost effecient.