Frequently asked questions about the Stingfree technology

Aren't snus and nicotine pouches supposed to sting?

In 2022 we conducted a survey with just over 1000 Swedish snus users which showed the following results:

Why do snus and nicotine pouches sting?

Somewhat simplified it's like this; in order for all of the mouth's oral mucous membranes to absorb nicotine and give a pleasurable high rate of "free nicotine" (unprotonated nicotine), the content of the nicotine pouch needs to have a higher pH-value than what you have naturally in your mouth which is about 7. The higher the pH-level the better the nicotine experience but higher pH-levels also contribute to increased stinging and gum irritation. 

The nicotine content of each pouch also contributes to the amount of sting with pouches containing large quantities of nicotine stinging more than those with smaller quantities of nicotine.

Certain flavors also contribute to the stinging, especially strong flavors such as mint, menthol, ginger, etc.

Can Stingfree pouches be produced in traditional snus packaging machines?

Yes they can.

Are there any Stingfree products on the market currently

Yes, the first Stingfree product is available in Sweden. 

Is the Stingfree technology patented?

Yes it is in the USA, Sweden and many European countries. The patent is valid for all types of nicotine pouches including; snus and tobacco free All White, Modern Oral products.